PXL_20210118_161336559.PORTRAITI earned my Master’s in creative writing at The City College of New York, where I studied Latinx magic realist and African-American literatures. And I began work on my first novel, THE EMERGENT. Since then, I have lived and worked in my native California, as well as South Korea, Illinois, Texas, and Iowa. Throughout all of this, I have experimented with content, form, and function on my blog and in the novel. I have written THE EMERGENT for those willing to unsettle their perspective.

I wrote THE EMERGENT in order to subvert my very own American heterosexual white middle-class male point of view. As a matter of necessity, as a matter of progress, as a matter of allyship, white America needs to take a hard look at its history of oppression. And that task extends to the world of literature. But I do not believe that established white writers are capable of doing this; they have too much to gain by protecting the status quo.

As a graduate student years ago, I set out to challenge my own status quo. So, in the spirit of necessity, progress, and allyship, I will share at least 60% of my royalties from THE EMERGENT with those searching for their writing voices.

I now reside in Des Moines, where I am currently at work on my next project, a novella that takes place during a global plague. I also have an outline and several sketches for my next full-length novel, a tale of expat misadventures in South Korea, tentatively titled American Dog-baby (미국 개 아기).

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