first and last live blog, penultimate hike, ultimate hobak day, trekking gear premiere

Posted: January 23, 2011 in domestication, expatriate, marriage, wife, husband, house

My life these days seems filled with experiments or the planning thereof.  Living without basic appliances, living with a cat, trying out new trekking gear.  Going off the internet, writing every day and publishing, a life of moderation.

One experiment was live blogging my packing yesterday.  I now know that live blogging is not for me.  It seemed no different than updating my facebook page, which I have often felt is so incredibly stupid, especially when people get to writing about watching their spouses paint the front door of the house.  And I found myself writing about the ratio of wire hangers to plastic ones.  No one is really that interested in the minute details.

Today I post quickly here.  I just got the last big piece of my trekking clothing yesterday and today I’ll go try it out.  The winds are supposed to be low, but my new windbreaker will take the test.  It’s a waterproof REI jacket that will be useful for layering.

And finally, Hobak is supposed to go home today.  It was a day or two earlier than I expected, so I want to take him on the hike today.  But I don’t have any cat trekking gear; I especially think trekking poles would be necessary for him, not because he needs to protect his ankles and knees, but because he would look funny with such a thing.  I’m going to miss the little bugger, but I think he has a good home.

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