Stratovirus-19 prt 1: United We Stand, Together We Cull

Posted: April 29, 2020 in novel, toil & sound, creative writing, short fiction, writing life

It wasn’t like Frenchie was political, but it’s the only voice of authority she knew her whole life—other than her parents. And when Daddy Doctor Daniel is at the clinic early in the morning and when Momma Sharon is taking care of the little ones over the last four years, Frenchie was left to fend for herself, slurping her cereal, listening to Our Dear Leader talking through the robot that turned on the speakers every morning. War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Poison is antidote.


(Photo by: Cavallini James/BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Yes, a winning slogan. “Poison is antidote.” Since the advent of The Sociopathy Purge Protocol instituted two months after Our Dear Leader (ODL) won election a decade ago, instituted after rigorous-yet-swift questioning and neutralization of the sociopaths in the medical research community—the population has been thinned by nearly four percent. ODL won huge support from the electorate, 93.2 percent of those polled said they were willing to say forever goodbye to at least one of their family and two of their friends. 93.2 percent said they were willing to endure the short term sadness of the bereft for the safety of the country. “United We Stand, Together We Cull.” And wouldn’t you know it? 93.2 percent of the population reported an increased quality of life after The Sociopathy Purge Protocol had done the lion’s share of its work. What had anyone to worry about now that most of the “socioprats” had been eliminated?

That is, until Stratovirus-19 hit. Now the poll numbers are a little more normal. But I am trying to tell my story here. Frenchie is dead. Momma Sharon, kids Rose and Thomas are mute. Daddy Doctor Daniel is wracked with guilt but still goes to work at the clinic. To make matters worse, my wife Jean has lost her job at the Personal Protective Equipment factory—demand is just not what it used to be in the days when sociopathy was discovered not only to be a hereditary trait but also an airborne virus. Now she spends her time illegally over at her sister’s house trying to get them to talk, to cry, to eat the Stratovirus-19 rations of food dropped on the doorstep every week.

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