About Nick

PXL_20210118_161336559.PORTRAITNick Holmberg earned his Master’s in creative writing at The City College of New York. While living just north of Harlem and wandering the streets of Manhattan, he studied Latinx magic realist and African-American literatures. And he began work on his first novel, THE EMERGENT. Since then, Nick has lived and worked in his native California, as well as South Korea, Illinois, Texas, and Iowa. Throughout all of this, Nick has experimented with content, form, and function on his blog and in the novel . He wrote THE EMERGENT for those willing to unsettle their perspective.

Ultimately, Nick’s biography is wrapped up in THE EMERGENT. Always in search of challenges to his thinking, he wrote a story that sets out to subvert his very own American heterosexual white middle-class male point of view. As a matter of necessity, as a matter of progress, as a matter of allyship, white America needs to take a hard look at its history of oppression. And that task extends to the world of literature and publishing. But Nick does not believe that established white writers are capable of doing this; they have too much to gain by protecting the status quo.

As a graduate student years ago, Nick set out to challenge his own status quo. His education, experiences, and observations led him to a dramatically affected worldview. So, in the spirit of necessity, progress, and allyship, he will share at least 60% of his royalties from THE EMERGENT with marginalized writers and artists, partnering with several diverse published writers to promote the project.

Nick now resides in Des Moines, where he takes noonday walks with his dog to observe the local bald eagles and red tail hawks. While he looks for a publisher for THE EMERGENT, he is currently at work on his next novel, a tale of expat misadventures in South Korea, tentatively titled American Dog-baby (미국 개 아기).

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